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Does the tank need to be cleaned?

Although the fuel tank is completely closed except for refueling. However, as the car’s life and usage time increase, here will be more and more precipitated impurities in the fuel tank, which will inevitably enter the engine with the fuel supply system in the vehicle, and cause damage to the car over time.

There are impurities in oil itself, and a large number of impurities have accumulated at the bottom of oil depots of gas stations over the years. If you refuel when the tanker delivers fuel to the tank farm, it is bound to add some impurities. After entering the tank, these impurities are deposited at the bottom of the tank. Slowly, when there is too much sediment, it will cause serious wear to the engine as the fuel enters the engine. If it is serious, the engine will be destroyed. Therefore, the fuel tank will take some time to clean up.

Of course, not all fuel tanks need to be cleaned. Generally speaking, the vehicles that have been running for a long time and have a mileage of more than 30000 kilometers need to be cleaned.

Although the fuel tank itself has been provided with protective measures, it can be waterproof and heat insulated. However, if the tank cleaning is neglected, once the oil passage is blocked, the air pressure of the oil tank reaches a certain level, the car will be swaying during the driving process. Under the influence of high pressure, the fuel tank is very easy to crack, and in serious cases, oil leakage will occur, and fuel consumption will become higher.

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