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Hydraulic oil pump test bench

This text continues to describe the design principles of the common rail testers, the control of the injector solenoid valve is a very difficult thing, both speed and accuracy. It is very difficult to control the level of the ECU and it must meet the requirements of current waveform control!

Driving the injector solenoid valve, the value of IPK1, the value between IB+ and IB-, the value between IS+ and IS- are very critical, and the time of TI, T2, T3, T4, T5 is also Must be precisely controlled in microseconds. Only when the above requirements are met can the injector solenoid valve be properly driven and meet the requirements of the ECU control process. This is also the most basic requirement for the common rail injector test bench.

There is one more point that must be met in the design of the test bench under the conditions that meet the control requirements of the injector solenoid valve. That is the stability of the rail pressure. This stability is not only the stability of the indicator, but the actual pressure in the common rail is stable. This stability can be detected with a precision grade ultra-high pressure gauge or electronic rail pressure gauge. If the rail pressure is unstable, the accuracy of the tested oil quantity is questionable.

The above-mentioned solenoid valve control method and rail pressure stability are the two basic points of the test bench. In addition, the accuracy of the test oil and the filter accuracy of the filter element, including the cleanliness of the pipeline and the stability of the temperature control, are all things to consider when designing the test bench.

After meeting the above design requirements, it is necessary to consider the problem of the injector database. The database can only learn from the database of foreign advanced test benches. However, no matter which country’s database is used, the control method and accuracy of the test bench must be basically the same as the test bench to be tested. Otherwise, the test conditions of the database cannot be satisfied. Just like we participate in the running competition, if one player uses 100 feet of standard distance and the other player uses 100 meters of standard distance, if you do not convert the distance unit and use seconds to calculate who is faster and slower, there is no comparability.Therefore, the use of this country’s database must use the same country’s control method and achieve a certain degree of control accuracy.

The above is the entire content of the design principle of the high pressure common rail test bench. If you have any questions about the test bench, please feel free to contact us.