Nozzle Tester

Nozzle Tester

Nozzle tester is used to adjust and check the injection pressure, automization quality, and leak prooffers of needle valve of diesel fuel injector assembly, to ensure the good power performance and economy.
Description(Take S60H for example)
S60H type fuel injector tester is a kind of special instrument for the correction test of the nozzle. It is used to adjust and calibrate the injection nozzle opening pressure and to carry out leakage, spray pattern and chatter characteristic tests.

CR/VP37/RED4 Tester

For nozzle size R, S and T.
Net Weight: 3.6kg.
Pressure range: 0-60Mpa
Biggest test pressure: 60Mpa
Overall dimensions: 150*120*350mm
Net weight: 5.5kg
Fuel tank volume(L): 1.8L

Functions and characteristics

1.check the initiative injecting pressure of injector
2. Adjust sound of needle valve vibration
3. Spraying shape
4.Test the sealing function of needle valve and nozzle body mating pair
5.Sealing function in response to press