Nozzle Testers

S60H-Injection Nozzle Testers Operating Instructions

Nozzle testers are used to adjust the injection nozzle opening pressure and to carry out leakage, spray pattern and chatter characteristic tests.
Common Rail Injector Tester

CRI 100 High Pressure Common Rail Injector Tester User Manual

CRI200 high-pressure common rail injector tester function is used to drive common rail injector, while providing Bosch, Denso, Delphi and other common rail injector control signal to drive the high-pressure common rail injector to work, drive signal parameters can be carried out by the user according to their actual situation, and can be saved grouped for easy maintenance personnel to high-pressure common rail injector in working condition to judge different conditions and maintenance.

Diesel High Pressure Common Rail System?

In 1892, German engineer Rudolf Diesel invented the world's first diesel engine and named the diesel engine after his Diesel.
We all know that many characteristics of diesel are different from gasoline, such as viscosity (including dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, and conditional viscosity).

Fuel pump dispensing volume adjustment and the reasons for the uneven distribution

Adjust the oil on the test bench of the fuel pump, and the oil distribution is uneven after installation; main reason is the use of debugging state and the different conditions, the existence of debugging supply imbalance
mechanical wear and tear, the Oil valve spring failure; fuel pump installed after adjustment method.

How to repair denso common rail injector-4

When re‐assembling any common rail components, clean practices should always be observed and the utmost precaution should be taken to avoid any contamination of the components before and during assembly.
WARNING ‐ The torque values mentioned in the following procedure are a SUGGESTED VALUE based upon our experience and NOT Denso specification.

How To Repair Denso Common Rail Injector-3

Resistance checks should be made to the solenoid. The specific resistance measured will depend upon the type of injector and should be compared to a new unit.
The resistance recorded on the particular G2 injectors that we tested was approximately 0.5 -0.7 Ohms.
Obvious signs of any damage to the outer casing or splits/cracks on the electrical connector should be observed.