Injection Pump Test Bench

Daily use and maintenance of test bench

in order to ensure the test accuracy of the test bench, the opening pressure of the standard injector should be 17.5 MPa,and the uniformity of the standard injector should be checked regularly.
If there is any difference, it can be corrected by adjusting the opening pressure. If it cannot be corrected, the standard injector should be replaced.
Common Faults Repair in Fuel Pump Test Bench

Common Faults Repair in Fuel Pump Test Bench

(1) Outflow of diesel oil, deformation of the cut-off oil pan, and severe abrasion of the cut-off oil pan shaft and hole, causing rattle.
(2) The splash of diesel oil and the mist eliminator (also called the mist eliminator) are poor in mist removal.
There are splashes in the upper and lower oil outlets of the injection nozzle assembly.
and the fuel supply system all exhibit one or the other faults, requiring regular inspections and timely maintenance.

Fuel Pump Test Bench Common Fault Repair

Regardless of the type of fuel injection pump test bench, the drive system, the airframe, the electrical control box, the display, the oil pan system
and the fuel supply system all exhibit one or the other faults, requiring regular inspections and timely maintenance.
Injection Pump Test Bench

Injection Pump Test Bench

The function of the injection pump test bench is to test and adjust the fuel injection quantity of the fuel injection pump at the calibrated rotation speed, corrected rotation speed, idle speed, and starting rotation speed.
Specifically, the calibration, calibration speed is 400 injections, idle speed, and start-up is 100 injections.
Common Rail Injector Tester

Common Rail Injector Tester

If a common rail injector is blocked by impurities, how to detect it? Common rail Injector trouble-shooting points- common rail injector tester
If using diagnostic sinner to check it, no fault code or fault code content has nothing to do with the injector;
The rail pressure can reach more than 25MPa when starting;

What Have We Done?

A few years ago, we built the first test bed of Taixi, TX200, which has similar functions to Bosch eps205 this bench provides the most efficient and precise way to test modern high-pressure fuel components.
We run tests that include high-pressure nozzle and control valve leak testing, injector start behaviour, idle speed adjustment tuning, full-load quantity, and much more.

Common Rail Growth?

Yes, absolutely. The technological advancements for GDI are extremely similar to CR diesel.
In simple terms, the fuel delivery pressure is achieved by intensifying it through a remote pump into a shared rail assembly.
Each injector is positioned within the cylinder head to inject directly into the combustion chamber at high pressure to achieve a more complete and efficient burn.
common rail test bench

Superiority of High Pressure Common Rail

The common rail system is the main application of the high pressure common rail test bench, and the diesel injection system is corresponding to it.
So what are the differences between the two systems? The common rail system is different from the previous diesel injection system driven by a camshaft.
The common rail diesel injection system completely separates the generation of injection pressure and the injection process from each other.
Test Bench

Performance Characteristics of Common Rail Test Bench

1.Standardized production selection and production: all materials and various components of the test bench are standard parts
all pipelines are standardized and reasonable, the colors comply with relevant standards, and there are clear text signs and flow direction signs.