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Superiority of High Pressure Common Rail
What Have We Done?

Common Rail Growth?

Yes, absolutely. The technological advancements for GDI are extremely similar to CR diesel. In simple terms, the fuel delivery pressure is achieved by intensifying it through a remote pump into a shared rail assembly. Each injector is positioned within the cylinder head to inject directly into the combustion chamber at high pressure to achieve a more complete and efficient burn.

Therefore both Common Rail diesel and Common Rail petroleum (better known as GDI) fuel systems share the same technology principals. More petrol engines now use this system as opposed to the older port fuel injection type.

As the technology advances, so will the complexity of injectors to improve the efficiency of combustion. Tighter tolerances, higher pressures and more injector control will result in smarter injectors, just like today’s latest common rail diesel technology.

New Market Opportunities for Diesel and Petrol Common Rail
As established, the diesel parc is aging and to an extent being slowly replaced by GDI. It is impossible to know where things will end up, considering the potential growth in hybrid technology. When markets change, so does the opportunity to respond to its drivers and create new business. This is the time where new market opportunities are created by early adopters.

Diesel - For the workshop that is looking to replace revenue from ever-diminishing returns from their service and repair business, it has never been easier to get into diesel. It is not as crazy an idea as you might first think. Many millions of common rail diesel vehicles exist and will do so for a long time coming.

We have recently made huge advancements in our technological approach. Our new injector test machines are very easy to use, fully automatic and remove the technical knowledge requirements to become a fuel system specialist. We’ve captured all the know-how and embedded it as standard into the functionality of our machines.

Our new series Common Rail machines offers generalist workshops with no fuel system knowledge, the opportunity to capitalize on a vast aftermarket. With relatively low market entry costs it is now possible to get in on some of the action previously reserved for only those that had invested heavily in training, equipment & facilities.

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