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Injection Pump Test Bench
Injection Pump Test Bench

Common Rail Injector Tester

Common Rail Injector Tester

If a common rail injector is blocked by impurities, how to detect it? Common rail Injector trouble-shooting points- common rail injector tester:

  1. If using diagnostic sinner to check it, no fault code or fault code content has nothing to do with the injector;
  • The rail pressure can reach more than 25MPa when starting;
  • The injector circuit has a pulse voltage signal.

Common rail Injector tester – injector stuck check points:

  1. No fault code or fault code content is irrelevant to the injector when using a diagnostic scanner.
  • The rail pressure can be established at start-up, but it cannot reach 25MPa (no pulse voltage at the injector);
  • When the engine fails to start, the common rail injector does not have return quantity.
  • After the start-up, remove the common rail injector, and there are signs of fuel injection at the front end of the injector.

Common rail injector backflow is very bigger than usual, following points to check:

  1. No fault code or fault code content has nothing to do with the injector;
  • Low pressure oil circuit is normal;
  • Rail pressure cannot reach 25MPa;
  • Disconnect the fuel injector from the fuel return pipe and check the backflow which is bigger;
  • If you check which injector has a large amount of fuel return, you can replace the injector one by one to see if the fault phenomenon disappears.

Remark: Under normal circumstances, when the injector is not energized, the injector will start to flow back when the rail pressure reaches 60MPa.