Common Faults Repair in Fuel Pump Test Bench
Common Faults Repair in Fuel Pump Test Bench

Daily use and maintenance of test bench

Injection Pump Test Bench

(1) in order to ensure the test accuracy of the test bench, the opening pressure of the standard injector should be 17.5 MPa, and the uniformity of the standard injector should be checked regularly. If there is any difference, it can be corrected by adjusting the opening pressure. If it cannot be corrected, the standard injector should be replaced.

(2) the test fuel must be light diesel oil with precipitation more than 48 hours, and the fuel tank and filter should be cleaned with kerosene when debugging 500 fuel injection pumps or working for 400 hours. 30# or 46# turbine oil is required to be added into transmission box and hydraulic CVT.

Inject 40# mechanical oil or 150# mechanical oil into the gearbox, and the oil level shall not be lower than the oil filling elbow, and it shall be replaced every 400 hours or half a year. The bearing in the tachometer base needs to be lubricated with mechanical oil or turbine oil. When refueling, the mechanical meter is removed and lubricating oil is injected from the hole of tachometer seat.

(3) Before starting the test bench, it is better to rotate the dial with a wrench until the motor and fuel supply pump rotate at the same time, and then start the operation.

(4) do not shift gear or start the test bench at high speed during the operation of the test bench, otherwise the hydraulic CVT or gear will be damaged. When operating the speed regulating handle, it is necessary to increase or decrease the speed slowly and steadily, and it is not allowed to operate rapidly from high to low. The speed should be adjusted to zero when shutdown, so as to avoid damage to the transmission system and affect the service life.