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High pressure common rail injection pump test bench is widely used, how to choose high pressure common rail injector pump test bench?

The continuous development of industry, heavy-duty vehicles are widely used, and the use of high-pressure common rail injection pump test benches is becoming more and more widespread. It is very important to select suitable models and specifications for high-pressure common-rail fuel injection pump test benches.

High-pressure common-rail fuel injection pump test benches are People’s different requirements, in order to achieve more humane operation, using the latest dedicated industrial control computer and digital instrumentation independent dual system control, without affecting each other.

The high-pressure common rail fuel injection pump test bench’s oil measurement technology, spindle speed, rack formation and advance angle are all using four-digit display and digital display. This greatly increases the intuitiveness and ease of operation of the high pressure common rail injection pump test bench.

The high-pressure common-rail fuel injection pump test bench has flexible dual-test operation conversion and is suitable for testing and debugging the injection pump for high-power diesel engine assembly. The host drive of the high pressure common rail injection pump test bench adopts variable frequency speed regulation with a speed range of ±4000 rpm. The main machine is a channel steel frame structure, and the overall structure is compact and stable.

The shell is electrostatically sprayed and the casing is beautiful. The fuel tank can be rotated left and right, and it can also be adjusted up and down. The test stand has an emergency brake switch. Adopting advanced frequency control governors with high control accuracy. The test bench has protection functions such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overheating, and overload. The test bench is operated on both sides for convenience and flexibility. Test bench ultra-low noise. The test bench has high mechanical efficiency and energy conservation.

High-pressure common rail fuel injection pump test benches distribute pumps to measure oil return at various speeds. Dispense pump internal pressure determination at various speeds. Injection pump seal performance test. Check the pump self-priming function. Store, modify fuel pump commissioning data and generate a database.

Quick check of common diesel fuel injection pump commissioning data. The pump speed regulation characteristic curve is automatically generated and displayed on the CRT terminal. Built-in high reliability horizontal air pump. Three “T” type worktables and wide body positioning brackets ensure stable operation of the equipment. Self-contained toolbox, common, special tools to carry.

A high pressure common rail test bench worthy of trust and purchase should be a cost-effective device with a good after-sales service reputation, and at the same time, the power and configuration options are suitable for their intended use. The purpose is to ensure that the future work will proceed normally and smoothly, and enabling its limited funds to be used effectively.