How To Ensure the Accuracy of High Pressure Common Rail Test Bench
Debugging method of fuel injection pump
Debugging method of fuel injection pump

How to use common rail test bench

At present, there are many buyers and customers are concerned about the use of common rail test benches. Today we take the detection of common rail injector as an example to explain the specific steps.

Using a professional test bench is the best way to test common rail injector, it would give you accurate testing result and guide your repair work very well.

The testing is easy, generally 4 steps are ok.

Step 1, 

Install the injector on the bench and connect all cables.

Step 2,  Choose the correct injector number on the bench.

Step 3,  Start testing. There are several testing steps in the program, all the testing process is automatic.

Step 4,  Vivid testing result will show you the injector is normal or not.

The injector test benches, injection pump test benches and multifunctional test benches are in production now.

Multifunctional test benches are our high end products, uses advanced technology, equipped with first class components. They are very popular in the market since launched.

They can test common rail injector, common rail pump, HEUI, EUI, EUP in one machine, saving your cost much.

These test benches are featured of Multifunction, Convenient Operation, Less Testing Time, Accurate Data & Testing Result, and Long Service Life.

If you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us for more information. We are at your service 24 hours.