12PSB-TXD Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
12PSB-TXD Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

12PSB-TXB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench


Diesel fuel injection pump test bench TXB is our best seller model, which used to test mechanical pumps, like inline pumps, distributor pumps, for example: I, II, III,A, B, P, VE, IW, PL, BQ, Z, P7, PW, PN, PB, P2000,PS7100, EP9, PS8500, P8000, MW etc. kinds of domestic and overseas pumps. It adopts CRT screen display and LED digital display two control systems, can perform various function's adjusting and testing to the injection pump.


1.Test the speed of each cylinder under the oil supply.
2. Statically check the fuel tank time.
3. Check mechanical governor performance.
4. Distribute pump solenoid valve test.
5. The injection pump sealing test.
6. Measurement distribution pump body pressure, return pressure.
7. Check the pressure compensator performance.
8. Check pneumatic governor performance.
9. Check the air film governor negative pressure performance.


1.Three styles, two language screen interface for the operator to choose;
2.The main motor frequency control, manual and automatic two modes of operation;
3.Automatic mode can be multi-speed preset speed;
4.The smallest sub-degree of 0.5 degrees for the fuel supply interval angle detection;
5.Preset amount of oil automatic oil counting system;
6.Low noise, high pressure supply system;
7.The test oil temperature automatic control, can reduce the temperature on the amount of oil precision;
8.12V, 24V DC power supply for solenoid valve drive and detection;
9.VE pump cavity pressure measurement;
10.For the oil angle automatic advance performance measurement;

Technical Parameters

Model no.12PSB-TXB
Main motor power11KW/15KW/18.5KW/22KW/30KW
Host machine source380V/50~60HZ 3phase (220V/50~60HZ/1phase,220V/50~60HZ/3phase)
Test bench rotate speed0~4000rpm/min
Cylinder12 cylinders
Shaft Centre Height125 mm
Test bench height from the ground850mm
Oil tank capacity50 L
Speed preset number8
Oil count0~1000 St
Glass tube45 ml
Oil supply low pressure0~0.35 MPa
Oil supply high pressure0~3.5 MPa
Test oil flow≧10 L/Min
Fuel oil temperature40±2 ℃
Fuel tank heating form1kW/220VAC
Fuel cooling radiatorCooling tube and fan (13m3/Min)
DC power12/24V( Allow short circuit).
Air supply pressure range0~0.16Mpa
Overall dimension size(MM)2100 mm X750 mm X1800mm
Packing size (MM)2170 mm X1060 mm X1850mm
Weight900~ 1200kg