12PSB-TXD Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
12PSB-TXD Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

12PSB-TXC Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench


1.Injection pump seal test;
2. Inspection and adjustment of oil supply interval angle;
3. The provisions of the speed of the fuel supply and uniformity of detection and adjustment;
4. Mechanical centrifugal governor dynamic speed performance testing
5. Governor Performance Measurement and Adjustment with Turbocharged Compensator
6. Fuel pump with solenoid valve performance test
7. Distribution pump body pressure detection and adjustment;
8. Oil pump pressure check


"Taixi" brand 12PSB series fuel injection pump test bench is a new generation of frequency conversion speed regulation products after mechanical pulley speed regulation, hydraulic speed regulation and slip motor speed control test bench. It has wide stepless speed regulation range and accurate and stable speed control. The output torque is large and many other advantages. The preset speed, measurement speed, oil count, test oil temperature, rack stroke, advance angle and other results of this series of products are all displayed digitally, with high measurement accuracy and reliable and accurate operation.
"Taixi" brand fuel injection pump test bench is widely used in various industries and departments such as automobiles, tractors, ships, railway locomotives, agricultural machinery, air conditioners, generators, air compressors, construction machinery, teaching and research, and national defense. The product specifications are complete, the detection means is perfect, and can meet the needs of various users.

Technical Parameters

Model no.12PSB-BFC
Main motor power11KW/15KW/18.5KW/22KW/30KW
Host machine source380V/50~60HZ 3phase (220V/50~60HZ/1phase,220V/50~60HZ/3phase)
Test bench rotate speed0~4000rpm/min
Cylinder12 cylinders
Shaft Centre Height125 mm
Test bench height from the ground850mm
Oil tank capacity50 L
Speed preset number8
Oil count0~1000 St
Glass tube45 ml
Oil supply low pressure0~0.35 MPa
Oil supply high pressure0~3.5 MPa
试验供油流量≧10 L/Min
Fuel oil temperature40±2 ℃
Fuel tank heating form1kW/220VAC
Fuel cooling radiatorCooling tube and fan (13m3/Min)
DC power12/24V( Allow short circuit).
Air supply pressure range0~0.16Mpa
Overall dimension size(MM)2100 mm X750 mm X1800mm
Packing size (MM)2170 mm X1060 mm X1850mm
Weight900~ 1200kg

Improvement features

★Unique wire fixed, beautiful thick sturdy border, a change in the past border weak and easily deformed shortcomings..  
    ★Thickened test bed base, strengthen the cross arms, the whole more stable and firm.
★5. To strengthen the universal joint, is to repair high-speed P7100 / PW2000 / PW3000 high-speed pump safety and security ;
 ★The installation of fuel tank filters to enhance the cleanliness of test oil, extend the life of standard fuel injector.
★The most distinctive low-noise pump motor, independent research and development for the North technology, the school pump more comfortable environment, but also facilitate the diagnosis of abnormal test pump failure.  
★Selection of the United States BOURNS original speed potentiometer, feel good, high control accuracy, and completely solve the frequent use of the environment in the life of a short easy to damage. School pump without having to worry about its damage and affect the work.  
★The use of independent research and development of modular solenoid valve drive power, excellent protection design allows long time short circuit without damage.