Multi-Function Test Bench for Pump and Injector
VP37 VE Pump Tester
VP37 VE Pump Tester

Common Rail Injection Tester

common rail injection tester

Test bench is special device to test the performance of high-pressure common rail pump and injector, it can test common rail pump, injector and piezo injector. It tests the common rail injector and pump by flow meter sensor with more precise and stable measurement.Advanced technology, steady performance, precise measurement and convenient operation.

common rail diesel injector tester Features

  • Real-time controlled by industrialcomputers, embedded operating system, touch screen operation
  • The fuel quantity,rail pressure,pulse width, rotate speed, temperature will be displayed by 12 inchTrue color display screens
  • It adoptsBoschhigh pressure common rail fuel injection pump to produce 0 ~ 1800bar pressure
  • Users can customize the rail pressure, pulse width, fuel measuring time and other parameters
  • Intelligent PID arithmetic, the rail pressure will be more accurate under the closed-loop control, and with ultrahigh pressure protection function
  • More than 2700 kindsof injector data built-incan be inquired
  • The equipment has the network function, connect the Internet can do one click- in upgrades and the remote operation
  • Fuel injectortest datareport can be printed
  • Theshort-circuitprotection function
  • Test fuel temperature automaticallycontrol
  • Manylanguage interfacescan be switched
  • Securityprotective design, operational safety, simple and convenient
  • To ensure safe operation, follow these rules

  • In the operation of the control process, the operator should wear safety glasses;
  • The use of independent special socket and reliable grounding. The power cord of the controller is a three-wire plug, connected with the standard three-wire socket, please ensure reliable grounding;
  • If the power supply voltage is unstable, the controller should be connected to the power regulator to use;
  • Regularly check the AC power cord is damaged, and the power plug or power outlet with or without dust accumulation;
  • If the controller is abnormal, or issued an unusual sound or smell, or the controller can not be hot to touch, please immediately stop using, and the power outlet unplug the AC power cord plug and all other cable;
  • If the controller is faulty, please contact after-sales service personnel to obtain the necessary help;
  • Software advantage

  • Injection timing responding sensing system of the injectors
  • Coding system, can generate different compensation codes and correction code
  • Measurement system of resistance and inductance of injector's solenoid valve
  • More than 3000 test data used for different brands injectors and pumps calibrations
  • Data backup, system software and database upgrade free charge all the time by remote
  • Electronic measuring system, automatic testing the fuel quantity of all working conditions, and generate report after testing
  • Automatic test injectors under different working conditions, automatic analysis results, and generate report after testing
  • Intelligent algorithm is used to automatically calibrate the fuel quantity of the new injector, and generate reports after testing
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