RS-708C Common Rail Test Bench
CRS-708C Common Rail Test Bench
CRS-718C Common Rail Test Bench
CRS-718C Common Rail Test Bench

CRS-728C multifunctional common rail test bench


CRS-728C multifunctional common rail test bench is special device to test the performance of high-pressure common rail pump and injector , include piezo injector. With optional EUI/EUP, CAT C7C9 test system. It can test CAT 320D common rail pump and medium pressure actuated pump. More than 2000 kinds of test data inside. Tested by flow sensor, more precise and stable. Also support remote control, make the maintenance easily and faster.


1. Test common rail injector and pump, piezo injector.
2. Test CAT HEUI actuation pump.
3. Test CAT 320D common rail pump
4. Can be tested by graduated cylinder.
5. EUI/EUP system is optional.
6. CAT HEUI system is optional, high pressure is provided by the plunger pump, thepressure is stable.
7. Can equip with VP37, RED4 etc. optionally.
8. Can add function BIP.
9. Hydraulic oil tank and diesel oil tank temperature controlled by forced coolingcontrol system.
10. Generate BOSCH QR code.
11. ARM computer control in real time, linux operating system.
12. It has short circuit and high-pressure protection function.
13. Highest pressure can reach 2400bar.
14. Data can be searched, printed and saved into database.


common rail pump test
1.Test the sealing/internal pressure /ratio solenoid /feed pump function /flow of common rail pump.
2.Test rail pressure in real time.
common rail injector test
Test brands : BOSCH. DENSO. DELPHI. SIEMENS and piezo injector.
1.Test the sealing of injector.
2.Test the pre-injection/ maximum/ starting/ average/backflow oil quantity of injector.

Technical Parameter

1. Pulse width: 1~3000us, adjustable.
2. Fuel temperature: 40t2C.
3. Rail pressure: 0-2400 bar.
4. Oil temperature control: heating/forced cooling.
5. Test oil filtered precision: 5μ.
6. Input power: AC 380V/50HZ/3Phaseor 220V/60HZ/3Phase.
7. Rotation speed: 100~4000RPM.
8. Power output: 1 5KW.
9. Diesel oil tank volume: 60L, hydraulic oil tank volume: 30L.
10. Common rail pump: Bosch CP3.3.
11. Control circuit voltage: DC24V/DC12V.
12. Center height: 125MM.
13. Flywheel inertia: 0.8KG.M2.
14. Overall dimension(MM):2200x900x 1700.
15. Weight: 1100 KG.