Diesel Injection Pump Test Bench for Mechanical Pumps
Diesel Injection Pump Test Bench for Mechanical Pumps
Diesel injector common rail testing machine
Diesel injector common rail testing machine

Diesel engine, 11kw,4000rpm,220V / 50-60hz

Diesel engine, 11kw,4000rpm,220V / 50-60hz Product Description

Diesel injector tester machine is a high quality test bench for mechanical pumps,like inline pumps,distributor pumps. Can perform various function’s adjusting and testing to the injection pump.


1.The most distinctive low-noise pump motor,independent research and development for the North technology,the school pump more comfortable environmrnt,but also facilitate the diagnosis of abnormal test pump failure.

2.Selection of the United States bourns original speed potentiometer,feed good,high control accuracy,and completely solve the frequent use of the environment in the life of a shaort easyto damage.School pump without having to worry about its damage and affect the work.

3.The use of independent research and development of modular solenoid valve drive power,excellent protection design allows long time short circuit without damage.

4.The installation of fuel tank filters to enhance the cleanliness of test oil,ectend the life of standard fuel injector.

5.To strengthen the universal joint,is to repair high-speed P7100/PW2000/PW3000 high-speed pump safety and security.

6.Thickened test bed base,strengthen the cross arms,the whole more stable and firm.

7.Unique wire fixed,beautiful thick sturdy border,a change in the past border weak and easily deformed shortcomings.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters of BFC diesel injector tester machine
NameBFC diesel injector tester machine
Main motor power11
Host machine source380V/50-60HZ 3Phase(220V/50-60HZ 1Phase,220V/50-60HZ 3Phase)
Test bench rotated speed0-4000 rpm/min
Oil supply10L/min , 20L/min
Oil supply high pressure0-3.5Mpa
Oil supply low pressure0-0.35Mpa
Air supply pressure range0-0.18Mpa
DC power12V or 24V(Allow short circuit)
Shaft centre height125 MM
Test bench height from the ground830 MM
Oil tank capacity50 L
Fuel oil temperature40±2℃
Overall size(mm)2150*750*1850