SCR Cleaner
SCR Cleaner

J1 Common Rail Injector Nozzle Tester

Main function

Applicable to the cleaning of various models of diesel carts.
Car maintenance of a good helper. And fuel injection pump test stand in conjunction with the use, will play a half-power equipment effect. Many pump repair stations are facing the same problem: just a good repair pump, due to the above reasons, in the short term caused serious wear and tear of the pump, the driver in unexplained circumstances, the pump repair station to solve the problem. To pump repair industry has brought a lot of trouble!
1. The wide scope of application: suitable for pump pit, oil change center,automobile, engineering machinery team, logistics team.Can clean diesel and hydraulic oil at the same time.
2.Easy operation: just thirty minutes can be cleaned.The push button switch,convenient operation.Tank cleaning machine is equipped with oil display window,can be directly see filter the impurities and water from the tank
3.low cleaning cost: the new tank cleaning machine improved the coarse filter filtration precision, reduce the fine filter replacement frequency, reduces the cost of cleaning
4. Long service life: new cleaning machines are all made of durable, corrosion resistant parts, diesel is after two stage filter, then enter the pump pressure, can reduce the impurities on the wear and tear of the gear pump, ensure the service life of the washing machine.

Technical Parameter:

Machine Power550w
Working VoltageAc220v/380v/60hz
Packing Size70*75*110CM