CR-1866 low price high pressure common rail test bench
CP1H fuel injection pump 0445010136 16700MA70C for Z30

EPS205 car common rail diesel injector

EPS205 car common rail diesel injector Product Description

  BF205 common rail injector tester is used to test the performance of high-pressure common rail injectors with more than 2700 injectors data. It is controlled by industrial computer,embedded operating system. The testing is measured by flowmeter aotomatically and displayed on computer screen. It also can measured by measuring cup . Two measuring ways are more accurately.

EPS205 car common rail diesel injector Features

1.Real-time controlled by industrial computers,embedded operating system.

2.Fuel quantity is measured by sensor and measuring cup.

3.More than 2700 kinds of injectors data can be searched and used,online update.

4.It is installed original CP1 pump to provide 0-2300 bar.

5.With server and pump connected directly instead of connected with belt,which can extend machine life.

6.Fuel tank cooling system makes the tester can work long time.