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EROIII system common rail test bench

EROIII system common rail test bench Characters

1.Variable frequency drive common rail oil pump produced the greatest pressure 250mpa
2.Rail pressure automatic loop control , shows the accuracy is 0.1mpa
3.Built-in common rail injector standard database , users can also automatically add data
4.Common rail injector standard database equipped with various types of wave data, output standard waveform signal to injector
5.Can detect the BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS, and so on each brand high pressure common rail injector
6.Industrial computer motherboard, embedded windows XP operating system
7.Injection quantity and back to the amount of oil to be automatic measurement, screens display
8.It can create a test data report, to be able to store and print (optional)


1.Start oil testing

2.Detection common rail injector open pressure

3.Detection common rail injector sealing

4.Detection common rail injector idling process

5.Detection common rail injector fuel load conditions

6.Detection common rail injector starting conditions

7.Detection common rail injector predict jetting conditions

8.Detection common rail injector high pressure washing function

9.Detection common rail injector automatic quality

10.Clearing common rail injector

OPTION(On request):

1.VP37 pump test system

2.Piezo injector test system

3.EUI test system

4.EUP test system

5.Oil lubricate

EROIII system common rail test bench CHARACTERISTICS

1. Full-automatic operation procedure, save the time to set up the data.

2. Germany flow sensor: flow range 0.008-2L/min, test precision 0.5%.

3. Bosch common rail system (external connection DRV to Bosch rail with DRV) is used.

4. Rail pressure is controlled accurately by DRV and ZME valve.

5. Original Bosch CP3 common rail pump is equipped.

6. Industrial computer with windows system.

7. Rich database:640 types of data.

8. Self-protection under following status:overheat, oil-mist, overpressure, low oil level.

9. Remote control is convenient for software upgrading and after-sale service.

10. Frequency converter is used to change the rotation speed.

11. Iron fuel tank with industrial air-conditioner inside .

12.Support Multi-language