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SCR Cleaner


The SCR Cleaning Machine is a special cleaning machine for cleaning the SCR and treating the urea tank exhaust pipe.
The washing machine is equipped with a stainless steel water tank and two heating cores, which can heat the cleaning liquid for more thorough cleaning. The water tank is equipped with a filter element to filter the residue. The filter element can be disassembled and can be reused after flushing.
The washing machine panel has a power indicator light, a temperature controller, which can automatically set the temperature and stop heating. There are two heating switches, each controlling one heating core, and one or two heating cores are opened as needed (Note: when opening two heating cores) The power input line must be greater than 8 square millimeters, or use 380V input), equipped with a timer, can automatically stop working when the time is set.

Technical Parameters

ModelBFQ-A(without water tank)BFQ-B(with steel water tank)BFQ-C(with stainless steel water steel)
Power Supply220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
HeatingTube Power4KW(220V) 6KW(380V)4KW+4KW(two heating tubes,separate control4KW+4KW(two heating tubes,separate control
Ambient Temperature0~80℃0~80℃0~80℃
Timing Range0.1s~99H0.1s~99H0.1s~99H
Packing Size760*585*900(mm)750*700*900(mm)750*700*900(mm)


Stainless steel water tank, Corrosion resistant and durable.
Double heating tube, seperate temperature control.
Panel with power indicator, temperature controller, timer easy to use.
Dispensing port and thee-way valve, avoid waste water pollute the environment.