TX400A Nozzle validator

system tester

system tester that can simulate the engine electronic control unit (ECU) to issue driving signal to drive high pressure common rail pump and solenoid valve. Combining with traditional high pressure pump test bench, It adopts high pressure common rail pump as its high pressure fuel source to test injector and finishes the testing of injecting delivery, return-fuel delivery and injector atomization under different common rail pressure and injecting frequency. By testing high pressure fuel delivery under different speed and different pressure, it can test the situation of high pressure pump.

system tester Functions:

  1. To integrate fuel pump control module and an injector control module.
  2. Fuel pump control module includes 2 sets independent controlling PWM output, common rail pressure sensor signal input, and add a new function of driving 3 DRV valves at the same time.
  3. Injector control module includes 1 set electromagnetic coils driving output.
  4. Display by 5.7 inch screen. Operation convenient and direct.

 system tester Applications:

Fuel injection frequency and fuel injection pulse width are adjustable. Driving signal has short-circuited protection. This tester is provided with complete connectors.

Fuel Pump Testing

pump: CP1, CP2, CP3

pump:Common rail pump(BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI,CUMMINS)

pump: HP3, HP4,HP0,

Fuel Injector Testing

Electromagnetic coils control

High voltage driving: Common rail injector

Low voltage driving: Piezo injector