Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench TXB
TX-718C Test Bench
TX-718C Test Bench


TX-300A System Tester Introduction:


TX-300A High-pressure system controller function is modeled engine ECU (Engine Control Unit), while providing Bosch, Delphi, Siemens common rail system controlsignals, driver and high-pressure high pressure  injector pump to work, drive signal Parameter the user can set their own situation, and groupsto save, easy maintenance personnel working on the high-pressure common rail system and maintenance of the state to judge.It can be used to test the  pump and 6  injectors at same time.


TX-300A System Tester Feature:


  1. Support the electromagnetic injector and piezo injector.
  2. Support up to 6 electromagetic injector.
  3. Support for multiple rail pressure sensor.
  4. Intelligent PID algorithm, the pressure control is more precise.
  5.  The software and hardware double short-circuit protection, run safer.
  6.  Multi-language selection, Chinese /English/Russian
  7. Security designed to prevent operate misuse,use more secure.

Technical Prameters:


1.Injection open pressure:5.Pump model :CP1,CP2,CP3,HP0
   Control accuracy: stage regulator6.Fuel pressure control
2.Injection open frequency:    Control range: 0-200Mpa
   Control range: 0-1000HZ    Control accuracy: 1Mpa

   Control accuracy: 1HZ

    Control way: PID
3.Injection open hold time7.Power:220V
   Control range: 0-65535us8.Work temperature: 0-40°C
   Control accuracy: 1us9.Relative humidity: 20-90%RH
4.Delivery counts  
   Control range: 0-1000 


   Control scope: 24V, 80V, 150V,  
   Control accuracy: 1times