TX-718C Test Bench
TX-718C Test Bench
TX1178 High Pressure Pump and Injector Test Bench


TX1866 High Pressure  Injector Test Bench Introduction:


Our independently developed TX1866 Injector Test bench with high quality  is used to test the performance of high-pressure injector from BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO, ect. This equipment consists of original BOSCH CP3 pump and  pipe, BOSCH frequency convertor, Delphi filter, humanized control interfaces, can control the parameters of the fuel pressure, pulse width, frequency and metering valve duty Ratio. The equipment uses the measuring cup for testing ,flow sensor can be added according to customer’s needs.


TX1866 High Pressure  Injector Test Bench Features


  1. time controlled by industrialcomputers, embeddedoperating system
  2. The  pressure, pulse width, rotate speed, temperature will be displayed by 19 inchTrue color display screens,and the oil measuring test result display by measuring glasses.
  3. AdoptsBoschhigh pressure common rail fuel injection pump and ultra-high   pressure  pipe to produce 0 ~ 2300bar pressure
  4. Users can customize rail pressure, pulse width,fuel measuring time and other parameters
  5. IntelligentPIDarithmetic, the rail pressure will be more accurate under the closed-loop control, and with ultrahigh pressure protection function
  6. Automatic switching impulsing power source12V/24V
  7. More than 2700 kindsof injector data built-incan be inquired
  8. The equipment has the network function, connect the Internet can do one click- in upgrades and the remote operation
  9. Theshort-circuitprotection function
  10. Automatic controlled of fuel temperature
  11. Provided witha special fixture for testing injector
  12. Manylanguage interfacescan be switched
  13. Securityprotective design, operational safety, simple and convenient















TX1866 High Pressure  Injector Test Bench Functions


  1. The detection range: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIMENS etc brands Injectors
  2. Test one  injector
  3. Test high pressure  injector sealing and observe the atomizing effect
  4. Measuring the high-speed fuel of theinjector
  5. Measuring the medium-speed oil of the  injector
  6. Measuring the idle-speed of the  injector
  7. Measuring the pre-injection quantity of the  injector
  8. Measuring the fuel return quantity of the injector
  9. High pressure  injector can be washed
  10. Users can setting the characteristics of rail pressure, pulse width and fuel measuring time


Product Highlights:

  1. Use the original Bosch CP3 pump
  2. Use Cummins common rail tube and installed HPV valve (used to adjust the pressure of the test bench to make the pressure more stable)
  3. Use the Australian FLOMEC flowmeter, the measurement is more accurate and stable
  4. Use Bosch Rexroth inverter
  5. The measuring cup and flow meter two measurement methods
  6. With the North’s proprietary measuring cup system


Technical Parameters:


Model no.TX1866 Injector Test Bench
The rated output power4KW
The main power supply380V/50~60HZ 3phase,220V/50~60HZ/1phase,220V/50~60HZ/3phase


The speed of the test bench0~1500 r / min
Continuous fuel injection times0~1000 times
Rail pressure0~2300bar
Pulse width100~3000μs
Fuel oil temperature38±2℃
Test oil filtration accuracyless than 5μ
Fuel tank capacity55L
Overall dimension size(mm)1500 x 750 x 1500mm