RS-708C Common Rail Test Bench
CRS-708C Common Rail Test Bench

TX-198 Common Rail Test Bench


TX198 Expert High Pressure Common Rail Muti-function Test Bench is the universal test equipment that integrates electronic control high pressure common rail pumps, common rail, diesel injectors, HEUI injectors and EUI/EUP. It can test the electric high pressure common rail system, HEUI such as C7C9, and EUI/EUP such. The equipment adopt a humanity control interface to control parameters such as injection pressure, pulse width, frequency, and metering valve duty cycle etc. The equipment uses an industrial computer system for better stability and longer life.
The control system of TX198 Expert is fully new developed. The software and hardware are all reconstructed. Theeleetrie circuit, user interface and control software are full of innovation. The control system have all required functionsand easy to extend.

Basic Functions

  • As a new generation of control systemns, the following basic functions are included.
  • Common rail injeetors test
  • HEUI test.
  • EUI/EUP test (single and dual solenoid valves)
  • Common rail pumps test
  • HPO test.
  • VP37, RED4, VP44, DENSO-VE..
  • HEUI pumps.
  • CÄT-320D pumps.

Featured Functions

For common rail injectors test
Support ijector indutance, rsisance, capacilance testĐirect display the injectcor drive curtent, power curveQR generation tunction
merged drive channels fkr piezoelectric ingectoes and electromagnetieinjector, each chanmel can lest tw kinds of injctorsSolenoid valve Iit test AHE.
For HEUI test
Control the pressure separately (engine oil, diesel)Separated temperature comtrol for two tanks
Can test fuel supply pressure -and fuel retumn pressure;Optimized control stability at low pressure
For EUI/EUP testSiart time test BIP
Support. double valve pump nozleOptimized drive control signalSupport. variouls cam sensor types.
Common rail pump test
Support 3 channels of DRV control at the same timeSupport 3 channels pump valve control
Support pump drive voltage selection (12V/24V)Short eircuit, open circuit prolection
Multi-channels valve intllin control, optimal controlthrough priority setting.
HPO test
Contol each valve individally
Support Hall, elecromagnetit two camshaft sensors


  • Industrial computer real-time control, operating system isconvenient and fast
  • Fuel rail pressure, pulse width, speed, temperature ete.displayed with LCD screen
  • Built .in imore thạn 2.700 pes ijectors testing data. nline update and remote control
  • Testing data can be customized and save for future testingsuch as such as rail pressure, pulse width, frcqueney, speed, oilquantity and other parameters
  • Inteligent arithmetie, the rail pressure will be more acurateunder the closed-loop control, and with ulrhigh pressureprotection function
  • Two-stage filtration to fuel supply, conform to Euro IILstandards.
  • Support the short-circuit protection function.
  • Test bench fuel temperature automatically control, CoolingSystem is forcing cooling.
  • The test bench is equipped with two fuel supply motors andtwo fuel tanks for diesel and oil, fuel circuit will be controlledrespectively.
  • With flow sensor and measuring cup two kinds of fuelmeasurement.
  • With the automatic flap, the fuel will be more accuraie andconvenient.
  • Test report can be printed.
  • Come with common rail injector and common rail pumpclamps.:
  • Multilingual control system (English/Russian/RussianTtalian/Portuguese/French/ Polish).
  • Safety protection design, safe and easy to operate,


  • Test range: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS brandinjector and common rail pump.
  • Testing common rail pump fuel metering valve performance.
  • Testing common rail pump scal.
  • Testing common rail pipe pressure limiting valveperformance.
  • Test the high pressure common rail injector sealing andobserve the atomization ffect.
  • Measuring high-pressure common rail injector high-speedfuel quantity.
  • Measuring the high-pnessune common rail injector medium-speed fuel quantity.
  • Measuring the high pressure common rail injector idle fuel quantity.
  • Measuring high pressure common rail injector pre-injectionconditions.
  • Measuring the fuel return quantity of the common railinjector.
  • High pressure common rail injector can be high pressurewashed.
  • Users can eting the characteristies of rail pressare, pulsewidth and fuel measuring time.
  • Can detet Denso HPO pump.
  • Can detect piezoelectrie erystal injector.
  • With adapters can detect EU/EUP.
  • With the special fuel olleeting device can test HEUJ injectorand actuating pump.
  • Add the corresponding module to test the resistance andinductarnce of the injector.
  • Can test the opening pressure of the injector and the solenoid valve.
  • Add the corresponding module, it can test VP37, RED4,VP44, DENSO-VE etronicalily controlled pump.

Technical Parameters

The rated output power


Fuel supply motor power


The main power supply

380V/50HZ  3phase

The speed of the test bench

0~3000 r / min

The spindle steering

forward / backward(can be adjustment)

Continuous fuel injection times

0~1000 times

Rail pressure

0~2300 bar(diesel)


Pulse width


Test fuel filtration accuracy

less than 5μ

Fuel fuel temperature

(Strong refrigeration)



Fuel tank capacity



Control panel opening


Overall dimension size(MM)


Control panel open maximum size