TX1176 High Pressure Injector Test Bench
TX1176 High Pressure Injector Test Bench
Common Rail pump Test Bench with flow meter
pump Test Bench with flow meter


TX200 High Pressure  Injector Test Bench Introduction:


Our independently developed TX200 Injector Test bench with high quality  is used to test the performance of high-pressure common rail injector from BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO, ect. It is controlled by industrial computer with embedded operating system. The testing is measured by flowmeter and displayed automatically on computer screen.


TX200 High Pressure  Injector Test Bench Feature:


  1. Real-time controlled by industrialcomputers, embeddedoperating system
  2. Fuel quantity is measured by sensor and displayed on 12〃tactile LCD screen
  3. More than 2700 kinds of injectors data can be searched and used,online update
  4. It is installed original BOSCH CP1 pump to provide 0~1800 bar
  5. Rail pressure can be tested in real time
  6. Provide pressure overload protect
  7. Pulse and frequency of the injector can be adjusted.
  8. Injection time can be set
  9. Protection function of short-circuit
  10. Precise measurement, easy operation, low noise
  11. Frequency converter inside to keep the RPM
  12. With server and pump connected directly instead of connected with belt, which can extend machine life
  13. Fuel tank cooling system makes the tester can work long time


TX200 High Pressure  Injector Test Bench Function:


TX200 High Pressure Common Rail Injector Test Bench

  1. Test range: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS and other brands of electronic fuel injector
  2. Electronic controlled injector test full automatically
  3. Test the seal of electronic controlled injector
  4. Measuring electronic controlled injector’s fuel quantity for injection and return under various conditions
  5. High-voltage electric fuel injector can be washed
  6. Can set the injection state and fuel measurement of electronic controlled injector
  7. Can detect piezoelectric crystal injector
  8. Users can customize the rail pressure, pulse width, fuel measuring time and other parameters
  9. Injector test data report can be printed (additional optional printer)


Product Highlights:


  1. Using the original Australian FLOMEC flowmeter.
  2. The fuel tank is equipped with a copper pipe, which can be used for water cooling of fuel.


Technical Parameters:


Model no.TX200 Injector Test Bench
The rated output power2.6KW(servo motor)
The main power supply220V/240V ,50~60HZ , 1phase
The speed of the test bench0~1500  r pm
Continuous fuel injection times0~1000 times
The oil pressure0~1800bar
Pulse width100~3000μs
The temperature control range temperature38±2℃
Test oil filtration accuracyless than 5μ
Fuel tank capacity6L
Overall dimension size(MM)920 x 870 x 850mm(mm)