TX200A Common Rail Injector Tester
TX200A Common Rail Injector Tester

TX850 Common Rail Pump Tester


TX850 Common Rail Pump Tester is used to drive common rail pump, while providing and other common rail pump control signal to drive the high-pressure common rail pump to work, drive signal parameters can be carried out by the user according to their actual situation, and can be saved grouped for easy maintenance personnel to high-pressure common rail injector in working condition to judge different conditions and maintenance.


1.Can test BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI and other common rail pump.
2.Can measure and control the rail pressure.

About Security

To ensure safe operation, please follow the following rules:
1,in the course of operating the tester, the operator should wear safety glasses;
2,using a separate dedicated outlet and reliable grounding. The tester is a three-wire power cord plug is connected to a standard three-wire outlet, please ensure reliable grounding;
3,ifthe power supply voltage is unstable, please connect the power supply voltagetester uses;
4,regularly check the AC power cord is damaged, and the power plug or power outlet for dust accumulation;
5,if the tester abnormal conditions occur, or an abnormal sound or smell, or the tester can not be hot to the touch, stop using it immediately and unplug the AC power outlet power cord and all other cables;
6,if the tester fails, please contact the service personnel to obtain necessary assistance;