Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

"Taixi" 12PSB series fuel injection pump test bench is a new generation of frequency conversion speed regulation products after mechanical pulley speed regulation, hydraulic speed regulation and slip motor speed control test bench. It has wide stepless speed regulation range and accurate and stable speed control. The output torque is large and many other advantages. The preset speed, measurement speed, oil count, test oil temperature, rack stroke, advance angle and other results of this series of products are all displayed digitally, with high measurement accuracy and reliable and accurate operation.
"Taixi" brand fuel injection pump test bench is widely used in various industries and departments such as automobiles, tractors, ships, railway locomotives, agricultural machinery, air conditioners, generators, air compressors,s construction machinery, teaching and research, and national defense. The product specifications are complete, the detection means is perfect, and can meet the needs of various users.


1. Host machine frequency conversion
2. The output torque is big and reducing speed is small, high precision measurement.
3. Speed ten gear preset
4. Speed, counting, temperature digital display.
5. Fuel temperature automatic control
6. Negative pressure system equipped with air supply.
7. With the 12V / 24V DC power
8. With overpressure、overload、overheating protection function.


1. Testing different rotating speed of each cylinder injection quantity
2. Static state check each cylinder injection time.
3. Check the mechanic speed governor performance.
4. Allocation pump electromagnetic valve test.
5. For fuel injection pump tightness testing.
6. Measuring allocation pump body pressure, return oil pressure.
7. Checking pressure compensator performance
8. Checking pneumatic speed governor performance.
9. Checking gas-film speed governor negative pressure performance.

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