Multifunction Test Benches

Multifunction Test Benches

Multifunction Test Benches are our Featured products and our hot product. We can we can install specific functions for the test bench according to your different functional requirements. Please let me know if you have any queries or you need any clarifications, we will reply to you as soon as we receive your email.


Real-time controlled by industrial computers,embedded operating system
The fuel quantity, rail pressure, pulse width, rotate speed, temperature will be displayed by 20inch True color display screens
More than 2700 kinds of injectors data can be searched and used
The equipment has the network function, connect the Internet can do one click- in upgrades and the remote operation
Rail pressure (2600bar)can be tested in real time
Intelligent PID arithmetic, the rail pressure will be more accurate under the closed-loop control, and with ultrahigh pressure protection function
Users can customize the rail pressure, pulse width, fuel measuring time and other parameters
Automatic switching impulsing power source 12V/24V
Adopt two-stage filtration to supply oil, up to Euro III standards
The short-circuit protection function
Test fuel temperature automatically control, refrigeration axial flow fan / strong refrigeration optional
Provided with sensor and measuring cup two kinds of oil measurement, and North Wizard Mice automatic version, fuel measurement is more accurate and convenient
Test data report can be printed
Many language interfaces can be switched(English/Español/Russian/Português/Français etc.)
Security protective design, operational safety, simple and convenient.


Test range: All brand injector and common rail pump
Testing common rail pump fuel metering valve performance
Test the seal of electronic controlled injector
Testing common rail pump gear pump performance
Testing common rail pump high pressure oil supply performance
Testing common rail pressure sensor performance
Testing common rail pipe pressure limiting valve performance
Test the high pressure common rail injector sealing and observe the atomization effect
Measuring high-pressure common rail injector high-speed fuel quantity
Measuring high-pressure common rail injector high-speed fuel quantity
Measuring the high-pressure common rail injector medium-speed fuel quantity
Measuring the high pressure common rail injector idle oil quantity
Measuring high pressure common rail injector pre-injection conditions
Measuring the fuel return quantity of the common rail injector
High pressure common rail injector can be high pressure washed
Users can setting the characteristics of rail pressure, pulse width and fuel measuring time
Can detect Denso HPO pump
Can detect piezoelectric crystal injector
With adapters can detect EUI/EUP
Can test CP1,CP2,CP3 etc electrical pumps.
With the special fuel collecting device can test HEUI injector and actuating pump
Add the corresponding module to test the resistance and inductance of the injector
Can test the opening pressure of the injector and the solenoid valve
Add the corresponding module, it can test VP37, RED4, VP44, DENSO-VE electronically controlled pump.